post-title Top Tips for drinking water!

Top Tips for drinking water!

Top Tips for drinking water!

Top Tips for drinking water!

Living on the Costa del Sol it is important to stay hydrate so here are some Top Tips for drinking more water!

‘Really? Now we need an article telling us how to drink water?’ I hear you screaming. Well bear with me and let me explain further….

We are always being told the importance of drinking water, Google it and you will be presented with a multitude of articles on the subject. Here are some of the highlights….

  • To function properly, all the cells and organs of the body need water.Top Tips for drinking water
  • Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids
  • Water Helps Energize Muscles, Keep Skin Looking Good
  • Waters Helps Your Kidneys
  • It is used to lubricate the joints, protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, regulate body temperature, and assist the passage of food through the intestines
  • Water is the main component of the human body. In fact, the body is composed of between 55 and 78 percent water, depending on body size.
  • Water Can Help Control Calories. It has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sugar
  • Experts recommend drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day to maintain good health.

So although I know this, and I read articles on it all the time, it seems that when I finally sit down at the end of my busy day I am lucky if I have managed one glass! I know, horrific!!!

I am a working mum, so when I am not busy running around after and for my kids, I am busy at the computer or out with clients and water never seems to be top of my list of ‘Things to Do’.  It’s not just the drinking water (or the extra time needed running to the toilet in the day) it actually comes down to remembering to actually drink that gets me most days. So my New Year’s Resolution was to drink more water, but how to remember….

Tips for drinking water  from FacebookHow to remember indeed, what could I do? I wasn’t sure, so what better way to get some ideas but to open the question up on social networking….

So I posed the question ‘Writing an article on how to remember to drink more water in a day, any tips for good ways to remember?’ on Facebook and here were some of the best tips we got back…….

  • Drink with your work colleague! Every time one of you drinks you all have to drink. We also see who can drink the most water during the day to encourage us.
  • Always have it visible…otherwise I just simply forget! I am terrible!
  • There’s a bottle you can buy that has markings on it to remind you! It’s called Hydrate M8. I need one!!
  • If you are out and about hiking and walking a water back pack is good – like the Camel packs. Always there and always reminded.
  • Always grab a big glass rather than a small one, and make sure you finish it. Also, drink from the big 1.5 litre bottles, it’s a good marker so you know how much you’ve had in a day.
  • Why not just drink a glass of water after going to the loo
  • If you have a fit bit, the app for your phone encourages you to add your intake every time you drink, so it becomes quite addictive to ensure you hit the target
  • Fill a 1 litre jug, have it where you can see it – so you’ll see how much you have or haven’t drunk…..
  • Have 8 half litre bottles … sip bit by bit
  • If you work an 8 hour day I find it helpful to drink a glass on the hour to try and reach your 8 glasses per day..
  • 0,5 L water bottle and 6 elastics u take off one every time empty one bottle and refill the bottle.. when all is off u drank 3 liters or whatever ur goal is..
  • Training for fat loss…. cell metabolism relies on water and therefore being dehydrated can severely inhibit recovery with a good indicator of hydration being urine cookout. Dehydration can not only affect recovery and performance, it can significantly affect your cognitive function when fluid loss is as little as 2%. When we use urine color as an indicator of hydration status we aren’t too concerned with morning urine as at this time certain amount of dehydration is expected. But more so the hrs after waking . Continue to stay on top of fluids steadily throughout the day ideally aim for 2 liters. Urine should be clear to a pale yellow. Due to a huge dose of water Soluble vits some multivitamins may alter the colour of the urine status. This is something to be aware of.
    Bottom line your urine should be champagne in colour not Lucozade !!! Drink 2 liters EVERYDAY
  • Believe it or not there’s an app for that!!!!! And not just one, there are a lot of apps to remember drink water.

I personally found the best reminder was Facebook pinging at me every time someone left another suggestion, but don’t think I could bank on that to work for me all the time!!

Anyway, I hope these tips and this article has been of interest, if you have any other ideas or tips for us please feel free to leave them in the comments section below or on our Facebook Page.

I am off now to drink my 2nd glass of water for the morning, go me!

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