post-title The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol

We originally posted this article in June 2016 and due the its popularity we decided to repost it this year as a reminder to people about the Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol.

Remember the Tiger mosquito season normally lasts from May until Sept / Oct in Spain but the peak month is July.

Read on for Preventative measures to help keep the Tiger Mosquito at Bay.

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The tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) which is native to Southeast Asia can now be found on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain.

It has spread throughout the Mediterranean gradually and there are now established populations in France, Italy and Greece as well as Spain.

The tiger mosquito is considered to be one of the 100 most damaging invading species in the world according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). It can carry more than 20 exotic diseases, but even though the mosquito has the capacity to carry these diseases in order for them to do so, these diseases must be present in a mosquito carrying them in Spain.

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol The tiger mosquito is strikingly different from other mosquitos due to its very noticeable black and white striped markings, the body of the mosquito is 2 to 10mm long depending on breeding condition and food available.

The tiger mosquito season normally lasts from May until Sept / Oct in Spain but the peak month is July. The mosquito feeds during the day (especially between the hours 6am and 10am and 4pm and 10pm) males on nectar and plant juices but the females fed on blood, which they require in order to develop their eggs.

Water is an essential element of the larval development process and since they have a short flight range of only 200 meter this means they are normally found near to water. They love stagnant water, old dirty swimming pools which have turned green, discarded water bottles, animal water bowls etc. etc.

According to specialists it is “almost impossible” to eradicate the mosquito but the population can be held in check.

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol Campaigns are being undertaken by Spanish municipal councils to try to control localised populations.  The Junta de Andalucia has created a flyer regarding the Tiger Mosquito, please CLICK HERE to see the flyer with the information in Spanish.

Information from the flyer supplied in English.

The tiger mosquito is native to Southeast Asia. It is preferably a daytime insect and bites more often at dusk and dawn than at night. It flies close to the ground and normally bites legs and ankles. Conventional repellents are effective against the tiger mosquito.

If you are bitten and the pain persists apply ice and if you notice a fever visit a doctor.

Life Cycle

The tiger mosquito goes through four stages in its life cycle. The duration of these depends on the temperatures and can range between 7 and 10 days.

1. Egg Stage
Females need water to lay eggs, they bite because they need blood for the eggs to ripen.

2. Larva Stage
They grow rapidly, shedding their skin four times, doubling in size in less than a week.

3. Pupa Stage
This stage lasts between 2 to 4 days, depending on the temperature. During this phase they do not eat.

4. Adult Phase
The mosquito emerges from the pupa and remains on the surface of the water to dry, harden and later fly.


How to identify the tiger mosquito

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol


Participate In the Study….


Follow Up & Control of The Tiger Mosquito With TIGATRAPP

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol 1

Make Your Own Mosquito Trap

Participate and send your information to Atrapa el

The Tiger Mosquito on the Costa del Sol

+ 1 gram of fresh yeast
+ 500g of sugar
+ 1 two litre plastic bottle
+ 200 ml of tap water after leaving it to sit for 12 hours



Preventative measures to help keep the Tiger Mosquito at Bay

  • Empty, twice a week, any outside containers that can collect water such as toys, ashtrays, vases, buckets, plastic pools, etc.
  • Empty washing areas and small containers twice a week or cover them with a mosquito net.
  • Remove the plates from under plant pots. If this is not possible, empty them when full of water.
  • Change the water of any plants that live in water on a weekly basis.
  • Keep pools covered if not in use. If not properly maintained normal mosquitoes can breed, but if the water level is low, tiger mosquitoes can breed. The best option is to treat the water all year round or to cover them when not in use.
  • Change your pet’s water often.
  • Make sure that wells, cisterns, tanks or water containers are properly covered
  • Cover holes in logs and branches, filling them with sand.
  • Avoid standing water in drainage areas, gutters, downspouts.
  • Avoid holes in the ground where water can accumulate.
  • Eliminate any objects that can generally accumulate rainwater.
  • If you cannot, empty these or renovate and move the water to ensure that it is not sitting for more than 3 or 4 days.






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Comments (16)

  1. I live on the Cost Blanca North, in between Moraira and Javea. We have had tiger mosquitoes for the last couple of years. They are nasty! They bite 24 hours a day it seems, and when they do they swell up and it last for atleast a week. I was bitten on my hand over a week ago and i still have the scar, and it is still very itchy. Do everything you can to protect yourself. I used a spray called Halley which is great when you use it , but leave it off for a short while and they get you

  2. I still have all the scars on my legs from last year from over 30 bites. So bad it was a trip to the docs to get rid of an infection. Couldn’t work out why I kept getting bitten as I had plug ins in the house & was using repellant. Finally worked out it was during the afternoon & also in the car. They’re nasty!!..Come on tigers, I’m prepared for you this year!

    The bites I got have left welts on my skin with weird lumps underneath I will have to have cryo to remove. When I got bitten my whole body hurt in the muscles and the area became really hot and cold in waves. I can recommend using the green no alcohol Sanex deodorant directly on the bites as a triage solution – immediately stops the pain. I picked the hell out of some of mine and those are the ones that healed without the lump. So pick away I say! Also NONE of the shop-bought solutions will work. Mosquiteras made of mesh (not rollers) over all windows and mosquito nets over beds are the only solution, along with sweet fine basil plants in every corner – pet friendly plants available in most plant stores in Spain. Citronella, plugs, and candles, sprays, wristbands, and all that jazz DO NOT WORK against this pest! Been there, worn the citronella- smeared t-shirt. Insult to injury – biggest one I found was sat on top of the plug. So forget it!
    I think this would help! I just did the green Sanex deodorant again today and it was wonderful.

  4. Came over last summer and they decided to use me as a buffet. They bites swelled up and blistered, they were so sore and painful. Went to the pharmacy, they gave me an antihistamine gel called fenistil (spelling may be off) to put on the bites and it worked wonders to stop the pain and itching. Took several weeks for the bite marks to disappear though. Haven’t seen any yet this year, but I will not be their lunch haha

  5. I can tell that I Iike to sleep with open windows, so every night I was bitten by mosquitos 3-4 times, then I, by coincidence, read about some research into the use of vitamin B1 against mosquitos.

    Vitamin B1 in large doses, 100 mg per day, will change your smell, nothing that you or others may notice, but enough to make it unpleasant for mosquitos, so last week I went to the Herborista, and ordered 100 capsules of B1 100 mg (12,20 Euros), tomorrow it will be two weeks since I started with Vit. B1, and since then I have not been bitten even once.

    100 mg is way more than the body actually needs, it is really an overkill, but as it is a water soluable vitamin, the excess is just peed out, and will never harm you.

    I will not promise it works for everyone, but it certainly works for me, and I am happy as Larry

  6. We have the RESPECT plugs in our house and no mosquitoes at all, seems to work. The package specifically says it protects against tiger mosquitos as well. And of course mosqueteras at the windows.

  7. Mosquito nets are essential on all windows and doors! Spray Selex Concentrate on Verandas outside in morning & evening. When leaving for a swim spray all rooms with Block Magic.
    Prior to going out walking, cycling etc spray self with X pel. Mosquito& Insect repellant ( contains chives nice odour)

  8. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say great blog!

  9. Hi. I have a tiger mosquito factory around here somewhere because they are always around and with annoying frequency. This means that I get bitten quite often. I had a rant on my Facebook page a couple of years ago and a friend made fun of me but then offered this solution which NEVER fails.

    He told me that when he was in Africa, they used to warm up a piece of metal (I use a teaspoon) not enough to burn but warm enough to be effective. Place this on the bite and hold it until it cools. A few seconds. Take it off and that’s it.

    The heat in the metal kills the enzymes that cause the bite to itch and I would guess it kills the germs in there too.

    There is no way to avoid being bitten if these pests target you but by treating the bite in this way, you can at least reduce it’s effect to just a minute or two instead of for days or weeks. I have been using this method of treatment for three seasons now because, quite simply, it works. It is free, effective and to hand wherever in the world you are.

  10. We have a villa in Moraira and for years I’ve been bitten by the dreaded tigers… until this summer when I took vitamin b concentrate, they didn’t bite me at all…
    Tip if they do munch you is a hot spoon on the bite. It stops the itch as it draws the protein out of the bite…then apply germoline as it has a local anaesthetic.

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