post-title Seniors and your vision here on the Costa del Sol

Seniors and your vision here on the Costa del Sol

Seniors and your vision here on the Costa del Sol

Seniors and your vision here on the Costa del Sol

Vision is a very important aspect in our lives. However changes do occur for us all, especially in our Senior years.

I was diagnosed with myopia (short shortsightedness) at 11 years old when the teacher from my primary school advised my mother that I was squinting at the blackboard!! I did not like wearing glasses! As a redhead with specs, four eyes and ginger, were not unusual nicknames!! In my teens I often reverted to squinting at Bus numbers, prospective boyfriends, etc. rather than wear the glasses!! Then at 18 years old I had my first pair of contact lenses and my world changed!!

Fast forward to my 50s when I suddenly realised that even with contact lenses in, I needed reading glasses on a daily basis. Plus good quality sunglasses as living on the Costa del Sol with very strong sunlight that was really important. That went on for the next 10 years! I had so many pairs of reading glasses round the house, it was ridiculous especially as I could never find a pair when I needed them! Additionally it was different strengths depending on what I was doing, computer, shopping, sport and so on. I was actually getting a bit fed up with it all and so decided the time had come to ditch the contact lenses (except for very special occasions) and switch to full time proper glasses. There are lots of excellent opticians on the Coast but luckily by then Specsavers had moved to the Costa del Sol. So, I made an appointment with them and haven’t looked back since! They now have a branch in Marbella which is great as it is local to me. I now have good quality top range varifocal reaction light glasses, which means (apart from a spare pair) they are the only glasses I need!

My eyesight has definitely changed over the years. Nowadays we all spend a lot of time on computers, tablets, phones, reading, etc. so with that in mind I always try and have a regular check up. Most eye tests and examinations are free, particularly for Seniors and with today’s equipment, very comprehensive. Well worth it, as the sooner any problems are detected the easier they are to rectify. I have been told that I have very early stages of cataracts which will need to be seen to at some time in the future. That information just gives me a heads up on knowing what the problem could be if I notice any specific changes to my vision.

I don’t think any of us really like the idea of needing glasses, especially as Seniors, because we just don’t want to get older anyway! However, nature has a different view and I suppose it’s just something we need to accept with as much grace as possible!

On the plus side, I must say that the glasses which are available now are very attractive. Beautiful colours, styles and there’s always something to suit everyone and lots of friendly opticians to give advice and help us choose.

Goodness, how things have changed since my first pair of, definitely not so attractive, glasses all those years ago!

About Karen Muratore

Karen has been living on the Costa del Sol in Spain for the last 28 years. At the age of 70 she knows that life holds many changes and challenges as the years pass by, especially in relation to health issues. Karen wants to pass on some of her personal experiences in relation to Senior Health, Fitness and Beauty on the Costa del Sol. She is happy to give personal advice or more information, where possible, regarding any of the subjects she writes about.

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