post-title How’s your Sun Sense? Becareful in the Costa del Sol Sun this Summer….

How’s your Sun Sense? Becareful in the Costa del Sol Sun this Summer….

How’s your Sun Sense? Becareful in the Costa del Sol Sun this Summer….

How’s your Sun Sense? Becareful in the Costa del Sol Sun this Summer….

It’s nice to have a glowing suntan in the summer when it really shows, but sunbathing is a beauty treatment that has to be handled with care and common sense if you don’t want to wind up with a coarse, dull skin.

Most girls these days are sensible enough to know that whether you tan or burn depends on the type of skin you have and the kind of protection you give it while out in the bright sunlight.

It’s elementary that a beautiful brown can be achieved only by exposing the skin in small doses. Watch the clock and start with 10 minutes the first day. Sensitivity will diminish as the sun builds up a deposit of pigment in the skin. This should take about three days.

After that, let sun-oil or lotion and discretion be your armor.

The main thing for everyone to remember when sunbathing is that every type of skin needs special care; a slap of sun-lotion just isn’t enough, and the policy of trial and error can lead to a painful burn.

Doctors emphasize the importance of taking the sun slowly, and that should be good enough for any girl. Try to follow these basic rules to achieve a nice color and a skin that feels comfortable and healthy.

Skin that’s normal can be kept so with frequent doses of emollient sun-lotion. If the weather looks cloudy, don’t be fooled.

Summer clouds hide a load of ultra-violet rays which can do damage.


Hows your Sun Sense All skin should be protected all the time, but particularly before you go out in the sun, at two-hourly intervals after every swim, and whenever the skin feels drawn or dry. Pay special attention to bony areas, where the skin is thinner, notably the nose, knees, and shoulders.

Really bad burns should be treated as such. Apply calamine lotion, zinc ointment, or a special cream on your doctor’s prescription. Drink plenty of water to counteract dehydration, and rest well away from the sun.

Makeup, to a certain extent, protects skin from the sun, but since summer is the only time that we can literally bare our skins, it’s a good opportunity to keep the face uncovered, wearing just lipstick and perhaps eye makeup.

There are many lotions and creams obtainable now which are made to do a special job for every sort  of skin. It’s well worth shopping around to find the one that’s right for you.

Hows your Sun Sense 3Skin that’s dry and sun-sensitive usually also has a tendency to freckle and needs a good deal of protection. Redheads and many blondes have skins that burn easily and tan hardly at all. If you have a skin like this it may become parched and sore under the sun, or even worse, turn blotchy and show signs of allergy.

If you know from experience that this is likely to happen to you, don’t go on trying to get brown. Always wear a moisturising sun cream for protection.

Deciding not to tan needn’t stop you from looking as if you’d just had a month on the beach; you can always fake a sun-warmed complexion by using a tinted foundation or try an artificial tan once in awhile.

Skin that’s oily can take the sun well, starting with the prescribed small doses and building up gradually, and particularly if the owner is a dark-skinned type with plenty of natural pigmentation.

Use a greaseless lotion or sun cream or a suitable oil if you prefer it. Your skin won’t actually feel the effects of exposure until some hours afterwards; so, if you’re pale pink by evening, cut down sun time slightly the following day, to avoid a burn. Angry red, if kept out of the sun for a day, will gradually turn to pale brown.

To avoid a dull, spotty suntan, always sunbathe in the morning or early afternoon, not in midday hours, turning often and lying on the side to tan the insides of the legs. Cover up as soon as time’s up. When you like your color, taper off sunning before the tan turns muddy or start using a sun-block lotion whenever you’re out in the sun.

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