post-title Fitness and Fashion on the Costa del Sol

Fitness and Fashion on the Costa del Sol

Fitness and Fashion on the Costa del Sol

Fitness and Fashion on the Costa del Sol

My fitness bug started back in 2000. I had just given up smoking and was putting on weight and decided I need to do something about it….

At the time I was living on my own in North London and working in central London. I often came home late at night and was always very nervous walking the streets at night as mine was not the best (although also not the worst) area in North London.

I had been watching Ally Mcbeal doing kick boxing classes and loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer so decide to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, why not do some exercise that would also incorporate some self-defence? I started asking about and ended up in a local martial art class and from there I never looked back.

The class I started in was a traditional martial art class and so everyone was expected to wear the white karate type suites, you know the type, so I never really had to worry or think about what to wear to work out in.

After a couple of years I then started Thai boxing, since this was some 15 years ago the few girls in the class wore Thai boxing shorts like the boys! So again it wasnt really about fashion.

Fast forward to today and I am still training in martial arts when I can (I have recently had some time off due to winter bugs and illness that the kids have kindly brought home to share, but that’s another story for another day). These days its K1 for me and when I can I will be found training in the evening class at Mousid Gym in Las Lagunas. I tend to wear the same thing to train in most evenings but I am getting bored and want to mix it up… More girls are training in kick boxing / k1 / Thai boxing than ever before and I can see the change in what they are training in (at least I can here on the Costa del Sol, I can’t talk for other places)!! I noticed girls seem to be ditching the traditional Thai boxing shorts and are training in leggings and tops, and why not, they are comfortable, still allow for flexibility and in my opinion are more flattering.

I have also been trying to get the odd morning run in with some of the mums from the school and of course leggings and a top was the easy and obvious choice for me. But now i have started thinking about it and looking around I have started noticing all the great designs in leggings that some of the girls and mums are sporting today. They are so much nicer than my boring black ones and I want in on the action! I started looking online and came across the cool sports brand Fabletics headed up by Kate Hudson. I loved the designs and lets be honest I remember seeing Kate Hudsons abs and body in Glee and thinking wow, I would like to look like that! The woman is stylish and in shape so her clothes range was bound to be pretty cool and I was right.

But what did my fellow Costa del Solers think? Are leggings the way to go for training in? Is there something else as comfortable and flexible? What do people think, plain leggings and colourful tops or the other way round? How important is fashion and look to people working out? I love using social media to get some local opinions for my posts so i decide to ask my friends and followers on facebook their opinion, so I posed the question…..

“I am writing and article on Fitness and Fashion and would love your thoughts and feedback….. How important to you is what you are wearing fashion wise when you work out? What do you work out in and why? Comfort vs look or do you want both? Do you shop for your sportswear in store or online? I see lots of people working out in leggings, loving the new colourful ranges now available, what do you think plain leggings and colourful tops or the other way round?”

Below are some of the answers I got;

I work out in sports leggings and a comfy tshirt. Not really over fussed about looking trendy, ’cause that’s not the reason I’m working out. Needs to be materials that breathe well and I don’t like wearing tight fitting little tops either, but that’s just ’cause I’m too self conscious! Lol!!

I workout in sports clothes that is suitable for whatever exercise I am doing! But I also want it to look good so I wear the colorful tights and tops! We get a lot of our clothes sponsored but if not, I buy in stores.

Not a gym buddy per say but as a triathlete; comfort, breath-ability…smooth lines, waterproof are key. Online stores like Wiggle are essential and especially good for high quality products like trainers that need regular replacing.

I try and run!! so it a good support bra plus all garments breathable & smooth lines. Garmin watch is a must to measure distance & pace. Like to match colors !! Now looking at compression tights & replace trainers very year.

I’m also a fan of leggings (normally black) and a nice comfortable, not too fitted, top which flatters my shape and age!! 🙂 More important to me is a good sports bra for easy movement and good quality footwear. I’ve never bought sportswear online.

I like to wear good quality “technical” sportswear including a good sports bra, longer leggings in winter and 3/4 or shorter in summer. I like to wear really bright and colourful leggings and plainer tops which are usually breathable vests. I wear different trainers depending whether I’m inside or outside

I always look for comfort! And best quality on trainers, to prevent injuries! Rest of not really important for me!;)

My personal conclusion is like all fashion, when it comes to sportswear there is no right or wrong in design, it’s all really down to personal taste. Although unlike our day to day clothes, which let’s be honest as women are not always comfortable or practical, everyone who answered me all seemed to agree as long as it was comfortable, supportive and allowed them to train effectively then the great design and looking good was an extra bonus.

Am sure my husband is going to love reading this article as in conclusion I think a small shopping trip is due!!!









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