post-title Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan España.

Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan España.

Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan España.

Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan España.

Sarah Hawes from Cambridge Weight Plan España shares the reality of diets….

Here’s the reality of dieting; most fail after 5 days. But that doesn’t mean that the individual has given up the desire to lose weight, there are other factors at play here. These include: lack of structure: no support or coaching, family commitments, other people´s attitudes to your chosen latest method to lose weight, someone else wants you to lose weight so you don´t comply, and then there is good old fashioned, plain temptation, often induced by the very people telling you to lose weight.

Here’s another reality of diets, many people re-gain more weight than they’ve lost soon after their diet ends, so the vicious circle starts all over again.

Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan España 2At Cambridge Weight Plan España, we deliberately avoid the word “diet” and talk about weight planning and weight management.  In fact Cambridge used to be called The Cambridge Diet, but it is so much more than that … hence the name was changed to Cambridge Weight Plan.  But before we get into what that means, we’d like to talk about why your weight is so important to us… and to you.  The health services throughout the world, including Spain have identified that Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are two of the biggest and costliest factors the health service and their patients are facing today. We have become less active and eat more and more. We eat the wrong foods, cooked in the wrong way and in excessive proportions: crisps, chocolate, chips, the hidden calories in wine, it all adds up. 1 in 5 people in the UK are clinically obese!  So what?  Well obesity leads to other diseases, including type 2 diabetes being one of the most prevalent, high blood pressure, high cholesterol joint pain and deterioration to name but a few. The problem is that these conditions are without obvious symptoms until it becomes a real health problem, finally impacting on your quality of life and those around you.

Cambridge Weight Plan not only addresses obesity, but has recently been involved in a 20 country independent clinical trial focused on pre-diabetic patients.  The results will be released in July, but it is well known that one of the keys to controlling diabetes is to lose weight and reduce your waist measurement to just under half of your height. With Cambridge it’s easy to do just that, and with the support of your Consultant to help you, whether you are Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, you can significantly improve your life and re-establish a positive relationship with food and eating, without food controlling you.

Diet is a Dirty Word by Cambridge Weight Plan EspañaSo back to those other factors.  Out approach includes sitting down on a 1:1 basis and working out a plan that works for you as an individual.  You have a fantastic variety of delicious meals to choose from that contain all the necessary nutrients needed on a daily basis.  We work out a plan that fits into your lifestyle and appropriate for your medical needs, so that hunger won’t rear its ugly head.  In fact you will find that the Cambridge Plans are so delicious and easy to use, you won’t feel like you are “dieting”, you will simply be reorganizing your eating and cooking habits.  It’s a fact that most people who are overweight or obese are nutritionally imbalanced.  Changing your eating habits will have an immediate impact on how you feel … and look.  Furthermore, your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will be with you to guide you, support you and ultimately get you to a place where your new approach to food becomes a sustainable part of your life and thus banishing the “D” word into oblivion.

We’ve had literally hundreds of thousands of success stories with people just like you. People who are now reaping the benefits of being happy with their new weight and healthy lifestyle, knowing that they’ve found the answer to manage their weight today, tomorrow and into the future.  That´s why we don´t use the word maintenance … that implies you are still using the “D” word … Cambridge call it My Life … because you will learn how to sustain the new you for the rest of your life. 

So now´s the time to take action.  If you’re fed up with faddy failed diets that make your weight yoyo and want an empathetic, supportive solution, you owe it to yourself to contact Cambridge Weigh Plan and begin your journey to achieving a sustainable and healthy weight.

Ditch the ‘D’s … ‘C’.s the future!

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