post-title Can Acting Like a Child Help You Regain Your Health?

Can Acting Like a Child Help You Regain Your Health?

Can Acting Like a Child Help You Regain Your Health?

Can Acting Like a Child Help You Regain Your Health?

Once college is over, the hassle begins with overhead work, mortgages, family, and other attempts to get your life “in order”. Often, people lose their patience and playfulness, especially the latter one, which can often make you feel more relaxed and have a de-stressing effect. Have you ever thought about why you feel better after playing with your child? It’s because in order to play with children, you have to find the kid in yourself.

This is an important lesson that your kids can teach you. Instead of just running through life, slow down, and dedicate some time to yourself, as time is the only thing you can’t buy or achieve. Remember your early days and the things you did for fun or as a hobby. Start those activities again to regain your fitness and health, and improve the quality of your life.

1. Use your senses

Use your 5 senses to soothe your mind and body. Touch, hear, smell, taste, and see, because we are stimulated through our senses. The smell of flowers, the sound of the wind, or the taste of summer fruit are the simple things in life that we’ve forgotten how to enjoy. Shift your focus from the ongoing that occupies your mind and use your natural senses that you share with other beings. Also, try to meditate or daydream for a while. Guided meditation or visualization can calm you down better than you think. Meditate for 15 minutes during the day, and do it a few times whenever you find the time. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and feel – just like a child

2. Be silly and have fun

Wake your inner child and let it be your guide. Why shouldn’t you enjoy doing silly things? Try getting a slinky down the stairs, jump in the swimming pool trying to make as big a slash as possible, play games, or blow bubbles. It will help you shift to the present moment and is very fun. Don’t let thoughts about the future or past chain you. It’s much easier to look at life as a game, because it takes away the stress, anxiousness, and pressure. Do whatever you like, there are countless possibilities.

3. Get your body moving

Get out of your head and do something physical. We can’t stress the importance of balance enough. When your mind “overheats”, it can cause a lot of problems. Start moving and you’ll feel better right after a physical activity. Play your favorite tunes and dance around the house, play football in a nearby park, or grab a hula hoop. Get moving and have fun, it will get you back on track and won’t get you bored.

4. Are you an artist?

Nobody can tell you that you aren’t an artist. When you give a piece of paper and some crayons to a child, it doesn’t think about how it’s going to draw something. Kids just do it, following their stream of thought. Get creative – take photos with your phone or draw something in your notebook while waiting for your ride from work. You’ll become more engaged with the world around you and feel better. It doesn’t really matter what the end product will like. Pay attention to details of the world around you.

5. Act freely and reduce your inhibitions

Children are uninhibited, because inhibitions and barriers get erected as we age. Eventually, we tend to constrict ourselves to particular behaviors that are labeled “childish” and inappropriate for an adult. We start to care about what other people think about us. On the other hand, kids will dance or sing in public and not care about others. Give yourself this kind of freedom to do what you want or be who you are. When you stop restricting yourself, you’ll feel less pressured, and become mentally stronger and more stable.

It all comes down to reclaiming the freedom you once had as a child. Don’t think about what others might think, feel free to spend your time the way you want to, and get creative and physical to engage your mind and body. This adds up to your overall well-being in a way that you probably didn’t believe possible.

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