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Want to add some information about a service, product special offer etc. to our popular blog / website content areas?

You can gain exposure and publicity for your Health, Fitness or Beauty service, product, information by having a blog post within our Health & Fitness Costa del Sol Blog.

1) Why have your information in our Health & Fitness Blog?

  1. Search Engine Results
    The Health & Fitness Costa del Sol Blog / website has been built specifically to come up well in Google. We are already coming up on the first page of Google for many, Health, Fitness, Beauty & Sport related results for the Costa del Sol and these are increasing by the day.
  2. Very Targeted Audience Demographic
    We have a very targeted and niche market demographic. We know the majority of the people who come to our website are interested in Health, Fitness, Beauty & Sports and are in some way associated to the Costa del Sol, whether it be living, working or holidaying there.
    This allows you to not only reach people already on the Costa del Sol but also people abroad  who are looking to find resources for their trips before they get here, as well as when they are actually here.
    The website offers you a unique opportunity to introduce your information to this very specific and targeted audience.
  3. World Wide Audience
    Although the majority of our audience have a connection to the Costa del Sol and Spain we also have people from all over the world visiting our website daily due to the interesting and unique content on offer. This then also allows you to market your information to an overseas audience, as well as a local one.
  4. Nothing Else Like it on the Coast
    There is no other specific Health & Fitness website like this one on the Costa del Sol.
  5. Use of our Social Networking Pages and Newsletter
    When your information is added to our blog, it is also automatically feed onto our social networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In and Instagram and our weekly newsletter.
    Reasonable and Competitive Prices
    Compared to traditional print advertising (i.e. magazines and newspapers) our prices are extremely competitive and unlike print our reach is not limited by where our publications are physically distributed to, we get viewers visit our website from all over the Costa del Sol, Spain and the world, at all times of the day and night.
    Companies advertising within the business directory also have the option to make use of our blog to promote their latest news, information, services, special offers etc. for a discounted rate, depending on the subscription package picked (please visit our Prices page for more information on subscription packages and Stand Alone prices).
  6. 50% discount  
    To celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering a 50% discount on all prices published on our Prices page.
  7. Your competition will soon be here…..

2) Criteria for Listing in Our Blog

To be included in the Health & Fitness Costa del Sol Blog / website the information must be related to the Health, Fitness or Beauty industry in some form.

3) How Much Does a Blog Post in Our Website Cost?

Please visit our Prices page to see a list of various subscription plans with includes a varying number of blog posts per year or see the ‘Stand Alone Options’ for the price of adding a one off blog post to the website.
And remember to celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering 50% OFF all prices on the Prices page.

Please note…..
All text and images for directory listings, blog posts, events and jobs to be supplied by client.
All prices are subject to IVA.
All prices are subject to change in the future.

4) How to add a Blog Post to Our website

Just send us an email telling us which plan you would like and we will answer with details of all the information we need from you.

We will also issue you with an invoice and on receipt of payment your blog post will be added to our website.